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29 Jan 2010

Build Muscle Fast and Get Ripped Abs in 12 Weeks

If you want to pull off a complete physique transformation to get ripped abs while you build muscle fast it is important to follow some very strict guidelines. It is a very difficult task to do both at the same time but the reward is that you will see the results in the mirror much more pronounced giving the appearance of huge muscle gains.

In order to do this effectively you cannot rely on cardio for the fat loss. To get ripped abs you will need to lose fat by doing HIIT only twice a week and by doing your weight training workouts in a style that increases fat metabolization while stimulating new muscle growth. This can be accomplished with 3 workouts per week focusing on weight training.

The best way to train to gain muscle mass while you lose the fat is by doing full body workouts. This way you can focus on basic movements and do supersets working opposing muscle groups. This creates a huge metabolic load and oxygen debt which forces your metabolism upwards. The fat burning potential after the workout is huge. While taking in a big protein drink post workout with some simple carbs you can maximize muscle recovery for new growth. The carbs will be absorbed so quickly to replenish lost glycogen that there is no need to worry about fat gain. Then for the rest of the day the metabolism will be elevated putting you into a state that burns fat while using extra protein from your meals to build muscle fast.

A really good transformation can take as little as 10 to 12 weeks if you have about 10 to 20 pounds to lose. The best rule of thumb for men is 2 pounds a week. When it is 2 pounds of fat the results are very noticeable from week to week. The gains in muscle mass are less but if the diet is done correctly giving enough protein at the right times during the day you can gain muscle but the results will be much more pronounced because of the fat loss giving the illusion that 20 to 30 pounds of new mass have been gained.

So if you want to look really huge focus on getting ripped because that has the potential to make you look 20 pounds bigger. This can be accomplished when you structure the workouts and nutritional plan correctly.

Best Way to Build Muscle Fast and Get Ripped Abs

To summarize keep these tips in mind:

HIIT Workouts
Full Body Muscle Building Workouts
Post Workout Protein Drink with Carbs
2 Pounds of Fat Loss Per Week Max

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Top 10 Ways To Burn Fat In 10 Days

Excessive fat stored in the body causes a number of health risks. For instance, a man with excessive fat stored around the midsection is just asking for trouble. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of men in America are now fighting obesity or excessive weight. Experts have conducted numerous studies, which indicate that belly fat, specifically in men, is a direct cause of a number of health problems. However, if these men, and women, were to burn fat, the increased risk begins to decline dramatically.

Whether you are a man or woman, it is essential that you start to burn fat to ensure you remain healthy. In this article, we wanted to provide you with the top ten ways to burn fat so you not only have a healthier body, but also feel and look better. Taking care of your body is the best decision you can make and we will show you how.

Before you do anything to burn fat, you have to know your BMI or Body Mass Index, which is a means of measuring not weight, but fat. You will find hundreds of BMI calculators online to help. Most people are shocked by how high their BMI really is a great motivator to burn fat and keep it off.
Without doubt, the best ways to burn fat is by incorporating exercise into your daily life. By exercising regularly for a minimum of 30 minutes every day, you will begin to see major changes. Although any type of exercise is beneficial when time to burn fat, aerobics are the best. These exercises would include biking, swimming, jogging, walking, and hiking. In addition, you will gain other benefits such as a healthier heart and lungs.
In addition to exercise, to burn fat you need to reduce the amount of calories consumed. For this, simply cut the portions of foods eaten by one-third and one-half if possible. If you find yourself hungry, add more high fiber foods to the diet, which will make you feel fuller.
Fat Burners
Now, rather than expect supplements to burn fat alone, you need to view supplements more as a tool that aids other methods of burning fat. In other words, along with better diet and exercise, supplements can be highly beneficial in burning fat. In fact, a number of supplements currently on the market target burning fat but unfortunately, many of them do not work. However, one particular supplement that has been studied and proven successful when it comes time to burn fat is called ECA Stack, which is made from caffeine, ephedrine, and aspirin. Although effective, keep in mind that through clinical studies, people only burned an extra 150 calories per day, again making fat burners good but only as an aid.
Yard Work and Cleaning
If you were unable to get to the gym or you find that moderate exercise is difficult, another ways to burn fat is by working in the yard or cleaning house to burn fat. The activity of both is enough to burn fat quite effectively. Spending just one hour raking or gardening, or vacuuming, dusting, and picking up, will make certainly help.
Too often, people will go to work, the mall, doctor's office, and so on, choosing the elevator instead of the stairs. Again, to burn fat, you simply need to change this routine, forcing yourself to go up and down the stairs. If you work in a building with your office on the fourth floor, and you take the stairs every day, within two weeks, you would notice change.
This is another best ways to burn fat, because you are giving the body a good workout. Anything such as volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, or bowling, not only helps to burn fat but also calories. Additionally, while you are doing something to burn fat, you are also getting to have fun.
Yes, you will have the opportunity to burn fat by drinking certain types of tea. For instance, if you drink caffeinated black or green tea daily, you will lose weight. In this case, the caffeine causes metabolic changes, which helps to burn calories. It has also been determined that drinking tea or even taking tea supplements with a meal help block the absorption of carbohydrates. Of course, both black and green tea is known for their many benefits that go beyond burning fat and calories.
We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is true. New evidence shows that people who skip breakfast actually have increased body weight. The reason is that skipping breakfast typically leads to higher calorie and fat intake with the evening meal. Therefore, to burn fat and get your body off to a good start, eat a breakfast of egg whites, whole grain toast, oatmeal, and/or fresh fruit.
Low-Fat Dairy
While calcium derived from low-fat dairy does not help with burning calories, it does discourage body fat. Studies now show that low-fat dairy causes the body to absorb fewer fat calories due to the calcium. Keep in mind that men especially seem to benefit from calcium found in low-fat dairy but it is also beneficial to women.

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24 Jan 2010

Bodybuilding Diet - 10 Fast Weeks To Maximizing Your Diet For That Ripped Physique

You will find that there are some bodybuilders that have the capability to make extreme changes in a short period of time and integrate in their bodybuilding diet program in an immediate way. However, for most people involved in bodybuilding the road to getting on the right diet will be undertaken in much smaller incremental changes that will, over a period of time, provide the best results. This, for most people, is typically a recommended path to take as making a change to their bodybuilding diet should be one that intends on taking numerous small steps so that they can reach the bigger and final goal. Specifying New Objectives Every Two Weeks In order that the body becomes accustomed to the changes from a bodybuilding diet, making the changes slowly will help ensure this process, so that each goal will be building on the success of the prior step. This entire process will necessitate a certain amount of perseverance and dedication which the bodybuilder will need so that they can achieve their pursuit for the perfect body that they are working for. Consistent loss of fat in addition to muscle gain is what can be achieved with a bodybuilding diet that has varying goals every two weeks, and the first two weeks should be utilized for the cutting of fat. This means lowering the intake of fat and may mean boiling as well as steaming food that otherwise would have been fried, replacing the higher fat content of salad dressings with the low fat or non-fat style dressings, as well as replacing higher fat meats with their lower fat alternatives. Sugar and Water Consumption The next two weeks of the bodybuilding diet alterations might need to limit many types of the consumption of refined sugars. This will have the individual drink diet sodas in place of regular sodas that have a lot of sugar within them. In addition, the elimination of table sugar would also be required as well as no consumption of any other kinds of sweets. For weeks five to six of the bodybuilding diet plan would necessitate the bodybuilder to increase and make water the primary drink of their diet. What this calls for is drinking of much higher amounts of water than was previously consumed, in addition it requires the the bodybuilder to replace all other forms of drinks, including fruit juices as well as diet sodas, for water. Satisfying thirst must only be accomplished only through the use of the consumption of water, in addition the bodybuilder should always attempt to intake at least eight ounces of water with each meal they eat and to consume a minimum of sixteen ounces of water while working out. Caloric Intake During weeks seven and eight will have the bodybuilder monitor and limit caloric intake in addition to multiple feedings. Because of the significant change in lifestyle as well as normal human cravings these weeks will likely be the most challenging of the total bodybuilding diet plan to adhere to, and needs a lot of determination to succeed. This is the time when the most extraordinary results appear, and this calls for determining an individuals lean body mass which can then be multiplied by a factor of twelve so that you can obtain the base caloric intake on a daily basis. This same quantity should be divided by five or six for males, and by four or five for females, to furnish the amount of calories that needs to be ingested per meal. Even if this calls for writing down the amount of caloric intake, the bodybuilder would be wise to do so and utilize it to keep close watch that the assigned calories are not surpassed. Weeks nine and ten will bring the bodybuilder closer to their ideal bodybuilding diet. By adopting these primary bodybuilding diet steps should make certain that there are quantifiable in addition to desired results in merely two months time or thereabouts.

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21 Jan 2010

4 Tips To Finding A Good Bodybuilding Workout

Are you looking to become a bodybuilder but do not know where to start? Finding a good bodybuilding workout routine is a great place to start. You should walk away from this article with the tips to help you find a bodybuilding workout that will help you to gain muscle mass and lose fat. The main problem people face when it comes to there bodybuilding workout routine is that they workout six to seven times a week for longer than an hour each time. After doing all of that for about six months you begin to realize that you are not losing fat and gaining muscle. This probably discourages you and makes you think that you are unable to do what you want, gain muscle mass and look like a bodybuilder. Do not think like that. Just read these little tips and you will find out the right way to lift weights.

Tip 1: The first tip I have for you is to not work out six to seven times a week. You should workout no more than five days in one week. You should also never workout the same muscle group two days in a row. This break will help your muscles to grow.

Tip 2: You need to find a workout routine that has the right reps and sets for you. You need to mix up the amount of reps you do each week. I would recommend you do a 5-8 rep workout one week and then do an 8-10 rep workout the next week. You should only be able to do the minimum amount of reps each set, if you can do more than you should add more weight or do extra reps until you feel you cannot do anymore.

Tip 3: It is important when you are working out that you change what you do each week. In tip 2 it says to change the amount of reps you do each week, but you can change more. Change the types of workouts you do. For instance, if you do bench press one week do dumbbell bench press the next. This will help in the long run because you will not get bored with your workout and you will also keep your muscles working.

Tip 4: Find a good diet that suites you. To be a bodybuilder your diet should be 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 40% fat, such as oils. A good diet is one of the most important things you must do in order to gain muscle mass quickly. Those are just four tips I have found useful in finding a good bodybuilding workout that will help you in becoming a professional bodybuilder
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